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How to Set Up a Home Theater System Using a Receiver

So you’ve decided to connect all your home audio and video equipment to a single receiver and enjoy a home theater system experience. It’s a bit complicated thing to do but with the right guide, you’ll be done early with enough time to watch a movie tonight.

What you’ll need to start

• A receiver
• A set of 5.1 speakers or the latest set up
• Wires (HDMI, Co-axial wires, component wires, and optical audio)
• Wire tags
• A dependable power strip
• Remote control
• Online or printed manuals of the receiver and equipment you want to connect

Home Theater System Using a Receiver

Place a label on your wires

To make things easier, place tags or labels on your wires, one on each end. Use a permanent marker to write on the label.

Receiver placement
Ideally, the receiver must be in the middle of the room. Some users place their receivers together with all the video and audio equipment under the television. You may also hide the receiver behind cabinets or doors as long as you have access to the back of the receiver.

Speakers placement
Each home theater system brand comes with drawings as to where individual speakers will go. Ideally, the tall stereo speakers should be at each side of the TV or at the back at each corner of the room.
The center speaker is underneath the TV while the subwoofer may be placed nearby or at the back. Mapping out where speakers will go will help you determine how much speaker wire you need.

Wiring your speakers
Be familiar with the back of your receiver. Usually, updated receivers come with multiple HDMI inputs and this makes it easier to connect from your TV, gaming console, Blu-Ray player and other devices’ output.

Once you are done connecting each equipment via HDMI, it’s time to connect each speaker to the receiver. At the back of the receiver are ports where the red and yellow connectors of your speakers can connect.

Remember that some of your speakers are located across the room so you need longer wires for this. But if you don’t want to connect using wires, you may otherwise get wireless speakers.

When connecting using wireless speakers. make sure that your receiver can accept wireless connections. You will need to pair your speaker with the receiver. Follow the instructions on how to pair each device from the receiver’s instruction manual.

Connect the TV last. The TV will also connect via HDMI to the receiver and other preferred connectors/wires to other equipment requiring video.

Connecting to a power strip
Once all the equipment has been connected to the receiver, it’s time to connect these to a power strip. Use a durable power strip with plenty of outlets to handle all your equipment.

Speaker calibrations
Depending on the manufacturer of your receiver or home theater system, calibrate your speakers accordingly. The most common way is to sit in the middle of the room in front of the television and to watch an HD movie just to listen if all speakers work.

How To Set Up a Home Theater System Using a Receiver

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